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Throughout history, individual acts of defiance have proved to be incredibly powerful. It takes courage to stand alone, to try something new or to think outside the box in a world and industry saturated with compliance. Brave individuals often galvanize movements of people who come together and change the world. The word Defiant reminds you that one person, one voice, one action, one idea can change everything……..

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Bryan Peña | History

Defiant Solutions founder, Bryan Peña is a globally recognized thought leader in the world of extended work and open talent. With 20+ years’ experience including the position of Senior Vice President of Contingent Workforce Strategies with Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) he has a unique perspective on the ever-growing demand for comprehensive workforce solutions. During his more than ten years with SIA, Bryan and his team crafted the revolutionary Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) program—now taught on three continents and widely credited with fundamentally changing the global services industry.

Bryan is a widely sought-after keynote speaker, a passionate evangelist for the open talent industry, and a highly sought out expert on emerging talent platforms, workforce management programs, labor models, HR technology, variable and future workforce trends. Current projects include working with an industry trade group to develop a unique set of industry standards for open talent platform businesses, creating new go-to-market economic model for a North American telehealth provider, developing a diversity certification for independent talent, building a new product offering for a talent platform based in the UK.

a passionate evangelist

Bryan being featured on

You can find Bryan being featured in various industry publications, podcasts, webinars as well as Forbes, Fortune, Buzzfeed, to name a few. Bryan is featured extensively as an industry expert in a National Public Radio’s Marketplace Uncertain Hour show episode on the future of work in America.